Work Needed

Design the auth story

The native/default auth for gRPC is oauth. It has the ability for pluggable auth, but that would raise the barrier for new languages. I’d love it if we can come up with a story that involves making API users in keystone and authorizing them to use oaktree via an oauth transaction. The keystone auth backends currently are all about integrating with other auth management systems, which is great for environments where you have a web browser, but not so much for ones where you need to put your auth credentials into a file so that your scripts can work. I’m waving my hands wildly here - because all I really have are problems to solve and none of the solutions I have are great.

Design Glance Image / Swift Object Uploads and Downloads

Having those two data operations go through an API proxy seems inefficient. However, having them not in the API seems like a bad user experience. Perhaps if we take advantage of the gRPC streaming protocol support doing a direct streaming passthrough actually wouldn’t be awful. Or maybe the better approach would be for the gRPC call to return a URL and token for a user to POST/PUT to directly. Literally no clue.

Design and implement Capabilities API

shade and the current oaktree codebase rely on os-client-config and clouds.yaml for information about the cloud and what it can do. As a service, some of the pieces of information in os-client-config need to be queriable by the user.

Implement API surfaces

In general, all of the API operations shade can perform should be exposed in oaktree. In order to shape that work, we should tackle them in the following order:

  1. API surface needed for nodepool
  2. API surface needed for existing Ansible modules
  3. Everything else

The API surface needed for nodepool is:


create_image delete_image get_image list_images

create_keypair delete_keypair list_keypairs

create_server delete_server get_server list_servers

// These two require the most thought wait_for_server delete_unattached_floating_ips

Implement oaktree backend in shade

It’s turtles all the way down. If shade sees that a cloud has an oaktree service, shade should talk to it over gRPC instead of talking to the REST APIs directly.